About us

Cooling Supplies was established in 2004 with the main objective being to supply quality products to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry at consistently low prices.  We are proud to have achieved this along with gaining a reputation for excellent customer service.

Our company offers a friendly, personal, straightforward ordering system for customers via our toll-free 0800 service.  We have extensive industry knowledge with 17 years previous trade experience in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry combined with many years of operational business experience as Cooling Supplies.

We are happy to assist with all customer enquiries and provide technical advice.

We are proud to be wholly New Zealand owned and operated and to support the New Zealand refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

Cooling Supplies is a small but very proactive company.  We pride ourselves on maintaining excellence in everything we do.  We have established our company as a respected supplier in the refrigeration and air conditioning wholesale market in New Zealand.